Sunday, May 28

Pastors’ Intercessory Fellowship pays courtesy call on VP Jallow

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Vice President Jallow thanked the faith group for reaching out to him and presenting a copy of the book authored by the chairman Bishop Prof. Augustine Bernards on the importance of prayer in nation building.

Speaking to the media shortly after his meeting with the Vice President Mohammed B.S Jallow, the chairman of the fellowship said they were at State house to congratulate His Excellency the Vice President on his appointment and also to pray for him for success in his work as the vice president of the country. “I use that privilege to present my book, which is the significance of prayer in nation building,” he told the press.

Bishop Bernards said VP Jallow also urged them to continue to pray for the peace, the security and the stability of the nation of The Gambia.

He said they had been praying, adding: “We have been praying for the President, the Vice President, the cabinet ministers and the whole nation.”

He said that they also discussed religious tolerance, adding that in The Gambia, Muslims and Christians have been living in harmony, togetherness, hence they want ‘to adjust or increase their prayers because The Gambia has been one of the most peaceful countries Africa and beyond.

“There is peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians. We are peaceful. We eat together, we live together, we celebrate together,” he said.