Friday, September 22

Peter Mendy In Spotlight

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Peter Mendy has made a reputation for himself as the leading goal scorer in almost every team for which he pushed the round leather.

The Faji Kunda-born left and right winger moved to the U.K. at age three. In 2010, he began his youth football at Mids Annandale FC in Lockerbie, and two years later, he moved to Lochar Thistle FC in Dumfries and impressed for three years.

Mendy then moved to Queen of the South in Dumfries in 2015 and stayed on for a year. In 2016, he perfected a three-year deal with Hutchison Vale FC and it was in 2019 when he was recruited to play for the Scottish Youth Football Development team (SYFA).

The team was subsequently invited by InterMilan to play with their three different academies. Mendy not only showcased mega talent in all these games but was the leading goal scorer in the campaign, netting a hat trick on the second day. This earned him the title of the man of the trip.  

He briefly played for Gartcain FC and then returned to Queen of the South in 2019 and played till 2020. In 2020, Mendy moved to Wolverhampton College and played for the Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation until 2021. The former striker came back to his current team- Queen of the South- in 2022 after playing for NK Drava Ptui in Slovenia. Last year, he was loaned to Dalbeattie Stars followingcomplications with his previous and new clubs.