Wednesday, March 22

PFA demands complete report from GPPA

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Accountant General Agnes Macaulay told deputies at the National Assembly that her office would work hard to ensure that every report regarding procurement in the ministries is settled, adding that some people are still coming up with retirements and other documents of financial transactions and whatever happens she would update deputies. 

Muhammeh Sanneh, representing GPPA office, told deputies that they could not present all their reports then, and appealed to members to give them time so that they would be able to complete the GPPA report and submit it to the National Assembly.

 “We have been mandated to review more than 200 institutions with our limited human resource, and we are not able to review all these institutions on time,” the GPPA officer said.

“We have already started some of the ministries, so it would take us a little bit of time before we would be able to complete some of the reports,” he clarified, saying: “Currently we have two activities going on, and we have limited human resource; so we would not be able to fulfill all these on time.”

Sanneh added that their report line is a bit different from that of auditors, since auditors do financial auditing. “We are doing compliance and this is a procedure where we also need to look at the transactions in terms of compliance,” Sanneh threw some light into their work pattern.

In response, Hon. Alhagie Mbow, member for Upper Saloum, said that as deputies, they need to get to the bottom of the true picture of the reports, because they are dealing with 2019 accounts. “So we expect at least GPPA to give us a complete report about what actually happened about procurement in those ministries,” the Upper Saloum NAM said.

“They should be in a better position to give us each of those line ministries and GPPA regulation; that’s what we are expecting from them.”

Meanwhile, to wrap up the matter, the Chair of the PFA Standing Committee, Hon. Alhagie S. Darboe, said: “It is better we give them time and see what we can do.”