Tuesday, October 4

Physical trainer laments on Covid-19 impacts on training activity

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By Binta Jaiteh

Magaret Foster, a young Gambian female personal physical trainer lamented the impacts of COVID-19 on her profession since the emergence of the pandemic which has severely affected her business.

Speaking with this young female trainer, she said as a small businesswoman, it is difficult to overcome the impact when one is badly affected.

She operates a small business in training young people who want to stay fit and healthy.

“I work in a big gym center and also venture into my small training activity called ‘’stay fit with meg’’ as a personal trainer, but since the pandemic started, it drastically hit my training activity which has resulted in slowing down my business,” she said.

She said due to the COVID-19 restrictions introduced during the emergence of the pandemic, most people could not get proper training and that has created a big gap in my training activity which lead to loss of revenue,” She said.

She noted that, since she started five years ago, she realized the gap in the personal training field. Though as a woman, she said she loves being part of a field that is dominated by males and stands out to see that her goals are achieved.

“I was the only female Gambian personal trainer, by then offering that kind of services in the fitness industry helping others like my fellow women to achieve their goals as it is also another form of job employment,” she declared.

She stressed that Covid-19 has affected everyone’s business no matter what type of business one is involved with, adding that the advantage she had was that she was able to offer her classes online. “Being a businesswoman in the Gambia is not an easy thing, but we need to push harder because we also have our responsibilities to carry out,” she stressed.

Furthermore, even though women are vulnerable, she said that should not limit themselves from certain works, and they deserve to take part in decision-making and any other relevant business that they are capable of, while she challenges her fellow women not to relent. She advised them to keep pushing to achieve their goals.