Sunday, November 27

Pirang Caliph supports 385 widows in observance of Mawlud Nabi

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Caliph of Pirang, Sheikh Mukhtarr Gassama, Tuesday donated bags of rice to 385 widows in observance of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), which Muslims around the world celebrated on Wednesday.

At a presentation held at Pirang, Kombo East District, the beneficiary widows came from seventeen communities in Kombo East, Kombo Central and Kombo districts.

Caliph Gassama said he provided the humanitarian gesture to observe the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and to mitigate the difficulties that was brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“On the observance of the birth of the Prophet (SAW), everyone should rejoice and be happy. We direct the gesture to widows to support them and their families,” he said.

Caliph Gassama appealed to Gambians to remain resolute and committed to supporting people in need and to avoid participating in any activity that can tear people apart. “We should all stand and strive to do something that can benefit Gambians at all time.”

The beneficiary widows thanked Caliph Gassama for the gesture and prayed for him to continue supporting needy people, particularly widows who are looking after big families.