Wednesday, December 6

PIU Officer Arrested With Drugs

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By: SandallySawo

A serving member of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) was reportedly arrested with five bundles of suspected marijuana.

The 24-year-old officer Musa Jobe was arrested by the DLEAG operatives at Barra with the five bundles wrapped in brown paper and concealed in a black backpack.

Jobe is a resident of Kerr Sanyang and was said to have been arrested at around 7:30hrs on Tuesday.  

DLEAG also announced that a 26-year-old SinnahKoroma from Sierre Leone was arrested by FatotoDLEAG at Nyamanar border post on 10 October 2023, at around 10:25hrs onwards with five wraps of suspected kush concealed in a black plastic nylon bag, transparent nylon bag and placed inside a red and black color Bluetooth speaker. 

“The method of concealment is unique in the sense that it highlights the use of sophisticated methods that traffickers use to conceal their illicit products. All the suspects are currently in custody while further investigations continue,” DLEAG reported.