Thursday, September 21

PIU officers throw teargas as Bob Keita’s trial marred with violence

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The alleged rape case involving Bubacarr Keita, commonly known as (Bob Keita), who is standing trial on allegation of rape was on Thursday marked with violence as Personnel of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) threw teargas to disperse protesters.

The crowd that was standing around the Serrekunda end were also seen throwing stones at the PIU officers who were stationed on the ground to provide security. Several people believed to be supporters of Bob Keita collapsed at the scene including some officers of The Gambia Police Force as they attempted to get near a vehicle that transported Mr. Keita.

Hundreds of people attended the Thursday’s sitting with riot PIU officers in full gear.

All exit roads around the Bundung High Court were closed. Vehicles were not allowed to pass through the road around the Bundung Police Station.

The Bundung Garage, one of the country’s busiest garages was also not in operation at the time of the court hearing.

Commercial vehicles especially “Gele Gellehs” were not allowed to enter inside the garage. Nearby shops were all closed and the GNPC Petrol Station was also affected as a result of the court’s hearing.

The alleged rape case has drawn public attention within and outside the country.