Thursday, February 9

Plans Afoot to Establish Skill Centers in Regions

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By: Kebba AF Touray

Plans are afoot to establish skill or training centers in regions across the country, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology (MOHERST) informed members of the national assembly on Wednesday.

The minister of the aforesaid ministry said they plan to establish training centers in Sandu and other regions, especially in Central River Region (CRR) and Upper River Region (URR) North, depending on the availability of funds.

Minister Joof made this statement in response to a question raised by the Member for Sandu, Muhammed Mahanera, who asked him to tell the Assembly whether his-led ministry has plans to establish a skill training center in his constituency.

Member for Serrekunda, Halifa Sallah, asked Minister Joof whether there exist a comprehensive and concrete plan to establish skill centers all over the country.

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Minister Joof responded in the positive, saying it is part of the strategic overall sector plan of both MOHERST and basic education ministry (MoBSE). He said both ministries in fact have an Inter-Ministerial Meeting every Thursdays and Fridays.

He said in terms of skill center mapping in regions, they will take into consideration the local skills that are required.

Omar Darboe, Member for Upper Nuimi, asked the minister how soon they will implement the aforesaid plan.

Minister Joof said the timeline for the implementation of the plan would depend on the availability of resources which they are working on, both internally and externally.

Ousman Touray, Member for Sabach Sanjal, asked the minister the specific village targeted in Sandu for the establishment of the skill center.

Minister Joof responded that: “When the funds are available, we would have to consult and dialogue with the people of Sandu, including the Member for Sandu since they have better knowledge of the area and based on the (agreement) at the constituency level, we will position the skill center at the appropriate place.”