Monday, March 27

Police DPRO Confirms impersonator as serving officer

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By Mustapha Jarju

Muhammed Y Darboe, Deputy Public Relations Officer (DPRO) of the Gambia Police Force has confirmed Momodou Mbowe who has been claiming and parading himself as a police officer was arrested Monday at Nyofelleh Village for alleged theft as a serving officer of the Gambia Police Force.

Speaking to The Voice, DPRO Darboe said, the impersonator Momodou is a serving Member of the Gambia Police Force but is currently on trial and has never received any salary from the Gambia Police Force.

He is on trial with ten other officers who have not yet benefited from any of the government salaries.”

Momodou Mbowe, he said, is a satisfied and qualified Police Driver with a government-authorized driving license which is only recommended for civil servants.

Momodou Mbowe was apprehended by the youth of Nyofelleh Village in Kombo South District on Monday 30th January 2023 allegedly involved in stealing a mobile phone from a Shopkeeper.