Saturday, September 30

Police Frown Over Mob Justice Trend

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On Monday, the police in The Gambia warned people to end the growing trend of mob justice over individuals suspected to have committed crimes. A press release from the Inspector General of Police asks the general public to exercise restraint and allow the due process of the law at all times.

The police Communications unit warns that “These acts of mob justice, torture, and degrading treatment are seriously condemned and frowned upon as they have no place in any civilized society.”

The police have opened investigations into the videos it received on the matter.

According to the Communications Unit of the Gambia police, “individuals found wanting of perpetrating torture against people alleged of stealing would be arrested and prosecuted under the laws of the Gambia.”

While the police say it “understands and appreciates the concerns of victims of crime,” it also asks members of the public “to remain calm, exercise maximum restraint, and allow the due process of the law at all times.”

The police advise that people report matters to the police and other appropriate authorities for redress and never take the law into their own hands.