Monday, March 20

Police get first female PRO

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The ECOMIG military contingent in the country has been accused by residents of Karrol for wrongfully arresting and secretly detaining the acting alkalo Modou Bojang, accusing him of being a rebel, a neighbour told The Point.

MFDC rebels had an encounter with the ECOMIG soldiers in Foni on Monday, leading to fatalities.

Musa Bojan who stepped into The Point to share the story said: “Modou was arrested while from the bush where he has his herd of cattle. It was when he was coming from the bush that he met the soldiers in the village, as the village is not far from the place where they normally rear their cattle, approximately 100 metres.”

He added that he was asked by the soldiers and he told them that he was from the bush rearing his cattle and nothing else. He was arrested and taken to their base at Bwiam.

“We, the residents of Karrol followed them to Bwiam. We tried to negotiate but to no avail. Amul Nyassi, the Foni Kansala NAM; and the Dobong chief, Biram Jatta, later came there but to no avail.

He revealed that they promised to release him on Tuesday but they did not.

However, at the time of going to the press, they did not know the whereabouts of Modou Bojang.

He told The Point that authorities such as the Ministry of Interior are aware of the incident as they have been duly informed.

Musa also confirmed that Modou Bojang is the acting alkalo, as his brother, Ismaila Arro Bojang, who is the alkalo is ill.

He also clarified that Karrol village is entirely within the jurisdiction of The Gambia in contrast with claims that it has some parts on Gambian soil and another on Senegalese territory.