Tuesday, October 3

Police questioned for ‘compromising law’ in Essa Faal-Baba Jah quarrel

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By Adama Makasuba

Police have been questioned to explain reason for compromising the law after a bitter quarrel between Essa Faal and a Youtuber Ebou Bah known as Baba Jah.

The two were charged by the police with idle and disorderliness but later dropped the charges after the two sides agreed to settle the matter outside the court.

However, Lawyer Assan Martins, said loitering and idling within the streets are offence under The Gambian laws, he, therefore, questioned the police for compromising the law in a spat involving the two figures.

“Let people be careful, the police have gone there but they are now putting it under the carpet which lots of people are now looking at.

“Because loitering and idling within those circumstances, when people watch that video that’s what they see, and if someone else did that what would have been the circumstances. But like I said people are watching but lots of people are surprised, how can you compromise such kind,” he asked.

He added: “But if this is given a pass, people should be mindful because loitering and idling within the streets under our laws are offences. We had that the police were to take action and what led them to compromise? These are crimes. Are we compromising offences? Because people are not fools.”

Meanwhile, he urged politicians to keep standards and avoid lowering the standards to doing disservices to the future of the country.

“I keep telling this to our politicians, we need to keep standards, we cannot keep lowering our standards that anyone who comes and get involved in the politics. Then we are doing disservices to our children. In politics, you should have a principle, but going here and there doing some vagabond, showing you have a gang. Those are pettiness,” he expressed.