Monday, December 4

Police Search For Suspect In Illegal Gun Possession

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Abdoulie Sanyang, Inspector General of Police, The Gambia.

By Fatou Sillah

The Gambia Police Force has initiated a search operation aimed at apprehending Ibrahima Ndimbalan, an individual suspected of being on the run to evade arrest for unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm.

“The primary suspect, Ibrahima Ndimbalan, who was found in illegal possession of a loaded pistol, is currently evading arrest,” the statement said.

The Gambia police are also calling on the public to remain watchful and report any sightings of the individual to the nearest police station without delay.

“We urge the public to exercise vigilance and promptly report any sightings of the individual shown in the photo below to the nearest police station,” the statement said.