Monday, December 4

Politician Says Nationwide Road-Clearing Causes Economic Havoc

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By: Binta Jaiteh

Salieu Jallow, a politician in Brikama has argued that the nationwide road-clearing exercise has caused economic havoc for many businesses. 

Jallow, a former Chairman Aspirant during BrikamaArea Council (BAC) election called the move ‘’economic crises as it left so many businesses handicapped from inception.’’  

“The operation is affecting thousands of Gambians who feed their families through small businesses. Before the government embarked on the operation, they should pave ways to ensure each and everyone hasa place to secure but embarking on the matter instantlycauses problem upon problem,” Jallow told the Voice.

He opined that businesses have been slow in the past years and now the situation has become worse since the government is not putting up mechanisms on how to alleviate people from poverty.

“It is disheartening and sad, seeing our citizens losing their properties without any compensation. These people hustled to feed their people despite the situation, so I think it will be good for the government to assist but now it is unfortunate,” he remarked.

Mr. Jallow suggested that the authorities should have informed before acting so that solutions can be outlined. “As we speak the people continue to face challenges regarding the current economic crisis. It has tripled the matter one can attest.’’

He explained that it was important for the government to look at the plight of the people before taking any decision, stressing that the issue can tarnish the image of the government seriously.

He queried about the government’s lack of support to the youth folks and the less interest they show in tackling hardship in the country.  “When shall Gambia be free from hardship,” he asked.

Jallow pointed out that youth unemployment continues to increase in this country with no solution and people continue to complain, “I am urging my fellow youths to vote wisely in 2026 President Elections because that election will determine the future of our youths and we can’t afford to fail again as we voted for never again,” the former aspirant chairmanship candidate asserted.