Saturday, June 3

Poor Network Hinders virtual proceedings of Fatou Touray & Co’s hearing

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By Nicholas Bass

Magistrate Peter Adoh Che of Brikama Magistrates’ Court on Thursday adjourned the ongoing unauthorized publication case of Samsudeen Phatey versus the boss of Kerr Fatou and Fatoumatta Drammeh of Paradise Television.

These two journalists are charged with unauthorized publication of the court proceedings of the child of Samsudeen Phatey at the Brikama Child’s Court before magistrate Peter Adoh Che suffered several adjournments due to poor network on virtual court proceedings.

However, counsel Malick HB. Jallow and Counsel Ismaila Dibba for the plaintiff were present and the lead defense counsel Abdoul Aziz Bensouda was also present at virtual court proceedings but the network of the court was weak which led to the adjournment of the hearing.

Meanwhile, PW2, Samsudeen Phatey during his testimony alleged that the  1st and 2nd accused, Fatou Touray and Fatoumatta Drammeh published the name of his son (name withheld) on Social Media regarding his child’s pending court proceedings at the Brikama Children’s Court.

Samsudeen Phatey disclosed to the court that Fatou Touray and Fatoumatta Drammeh did not post the pictures of his child on Social Media regarding his child’s case with Nenneh J. Thomson.

“Fatou Touray and Fatoumatta Drammeh participated in sharing a Facebook live video of Fatou Jarri Sususo who mentioned my son’s name which went viral to over one hundred online account holders,” he told the court.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Peter Adoh Che adjourned the case to 19thth April 2023 for continuation.