Monday, September 25

Poverty and Hunger dominate Gambia, says Sheikhna Faal

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By Binta Jaiteh

Sheikhna Faal, a press secretary of the Gambia Action Party (GAP) said the poverty rate and hunger have increased and dominated the country while the country’s situation is now the survival of the fittest. 

In an exclusive interview with The Voice reporter, Faal claimed that President Barrow is aware of all the corruption issues, mismanagement of taxpayers’ funds, murder cases, and even price hikes of basic commodities and still fails to address the situation.

He said this is a sad country “it seems like there is no President the only time one can know that a President is in the country is when he is traveling. The people are angry and frustrated.” 

He said for once let him try and address the burning issues of the current situation because the citizens are complaining a lot due to the bad situation of the country.

However, he said he felt sorry for the poor and the needy because the country’s situation is getting worst “whether you know it or not that is the fact” 

He asked why can’t the leaders stand and sacrifice for their citizens because people voted for them and provided all their needs and still failed to fulfill the promises they made to people during the campaign. 

He highlighted that just in 2015, “President Barrow was in our situation struggling like us, but now he is in power he dumped people who had voted for him without any care for the citizens but only cares of how to stay long in power.”

Speaking on the issue of hosting the OIC, he said every patriotic citizen is asking, wondering, and even doubting if the Gambia will host it, as the statement of the Director of Communication of OIC is misleading.

“This project had failed and they should admit that fact. Senegal taking the lead is not a surprise to me since our President listens to Macky Sall,” he claimed.