Sunday, December 4


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The Gambian President Adama Barrow is crying foul. He isn’t happy with a statement recently made by opposition leader Ousainou Darboe, who branded Barrow and his government as “bunch of criminals,” who should be voted out of office, Freedom Newspaper can report. The opposition leader has also branded  Barrow’s government as corrupt and inept. In a meeting with religious leaders at the State House in Banjul on Thursday, shortly after the Eid Muslim feat, Barrow, who refrained from mentioning Mr. Darboe’s name, told the visiting Muslim Elders that he is a victim of opposition vilification and threats of removing him from power.  

“There is this politician, who recently convened a press conference, he branded us as bandit, that we should be removed from power. These are inappropriate statements, bad statements. A good leader shouldn’t be uttering such statements. We are all born in this country. We know each other. Therefore, it is wrong for us to be accusing each other, using such irresponsible statements. If we were criminals, we wouldn’t be voted into office to run the affairs of this country. As the Wollofs would say: “Being thirsty, doesn’t mean that you should drink foam.” That’s not a good thing,” Barrow lamented. He spoke in the local Mandinka dialect.

Barrow has barely less seven months for his transitional rule to end. The opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) headed by lawyer Ousainou Darboe, would become his main challenger in the upcoming polls slated for December 4th, 2021.

Barrow felt being disrespected by Darboe’s recent remarks. He also perceived his onetime political Godfather’s remarks as slanderous, defamatory, and threatening.

“In as much as you want to be a President, you should bear in mind that it is The Gambian people that would elect you to serve as President, therefore, such statements are not the type to be uttered by a good leader. We should talk about peace. In my politics, I always talk about peace. It is The Gambian people, who would decide who should lead this country. Whenever they are ready, they will decide who is going to lead them. But it is important to note that God has the final say, God has the final say to decide who is going to lead this country. And I strongly believe that I have been selected by God to lead this country. And I also believe that my term would end one day, the same God that selected me, would end my term,” Barrow remarked.

In his speech, Barrow, also queried about his ops using social media to bash him and his government. “Some people are using social media to spread lies and hate. As our religion dictated, “if you do not have anything important to say, you should keep quiet,” Barrow further remarked.

Mr. Barrow has also praised Haddim Gai, the local Banjul contractor, who has been contracted to construct the $35 million dollars Banjul road and sewage project. Barrow claimed that when he first proposed the Banjul project, his detractors reported him to the World Bank. He said even the World Bank was in opposition of the project. But notwithstanding, his government was able to convince World Bank. The ten-year project, he said, is being funded by The Gambian government, after making arraignments with contractor Haddim Gai, who bonded the project.  Barrow has also praised his Finance Minister Mamburay Njie and Works Minister Bai Lamin Jobe for the vital role they have played toward the Banjul road project.

Barrow wants to initiate a similar project in Serrekunda if he is reelected into office this coming December.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai