Monday, October 3

President Barrow  has failed to maintain Security- GDC Kandeh

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By Mustapha Jarju and Akitania Nzally

Hon Mama Kandeh, leader of Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has stressed that President Adama Barrow has failed his obligation under the oath of allegiance to maintain the security of the Country.

“Somebody somewhere is not fulfilling his obligation, and he as the President should call on those he put in charge of the country`s security and urgently address the daily killing of innocent people. Where is the security adviser to the President and where are the heads of the security chiefs?, they need to advise the President on what to do,” Kandeh pointed out.

He stressed that what Gambians and non-Gambians are experiencing right now is not encouraging amid current security conditions, adding that the status of affairs is discouraging people from inside and outside of the Gambia and that the country is not safe.

“What is happening is not hidden to anyone, even those outside the country. Nobody is safe in this country therefore the President should get up, tie his waist to do what is expected of him, I am calling on the president for that,” he said.

Kandeh pointed out that the president has authorized the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior to be in charge of the country`s security, while the president`s office is in charge of monitoring all the activities happening in the country, and the president should not sit in the office to rely on the information given to him.
He further said, 90% of the information that they are giving to the President is fake, and he does not believe that President Barrow would like to see Gambians killed ‘left, right and center.’

“Barrow has the power to stop this immediately; we still have that security personnel who were ensuring the peace and stability of the country we pray anytime we wanted and walk around anytime we want without any fear”, Kandeh stressed.
He added the moment you joke with the security you joke with people`s life.