Tuesday, June 6

President Barrow lacks interest to implement audit recommendations – Muhammed Kanteh

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By Binta Jaiteh

An independent candidate for Busumbala, Muhammed Kanteh, has reacted to the statement of President Adama Barrow saying the president lacks the interest to implement audit recommendations.

In an interview with him, Muhammed Kanteh noted that in the situation where the president regards the findings of the auditors’ report as mere options meaning he is encouraging corruption. 

The government should implement the audit report to ensure that accountability and transparency exist in dealing with public funds. “His statement was unfortunate and we didn’t expect such a statement from a President. He didn’t understand the purpose of the establishment of the audit office under section (159) of the 1997 constitution and the function of the office of the auditors in our government establishment,” he exclaimed. 

He said the auditors ensure that money that is withdrawn from the consolidated fund or any public funds is in accordance with the laws and also expenditures conform to the authority that governs it, adding, looking at their mandate it will be an unfortunate statement to regard the audit report as a mere option.

According to him, he said he agreed with the former Auditor General on a statement he made after Barrow’s speech that this is a serious issue, to be frank. 

Mr. Kanteh explained that the function of the National Assembly in this respect is to condemn the statement against auditors by the President. In so doing they will be defending the constitutional provisions of the audit office and its functions.

He added that the National Assembly addressed the issue of the case of unretired impress, and they passed a resolution to demand the payment of all unretired impress as recommended by the auditors’ report.

However, he also expressed the current situation of the country wherein increase in basic commodities, high crime rates, and unemployment of youths. To avert these situations the government should invest in the productive sectors to enhance our ability towards self-sufficiency in food and job creation for possible employment.