Thursday, March 30

President Barrow presides over swearing-in ceremony of Ministers

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President Adama Barrow Thursday presided over the swearing-in ceremony of Cabinet Ministers at the State House in Banjul.

The newly sworn-in Cabinet members are 19 in numbers, consists of immediate past cabinet ministers who will continue to hold the same portfolios.

President Barrow thanked his cabinet for accepting their appointments and their contribution in the governance process of The Gambia in the past five years.

‘’I will not do justice to you if I do not publicly declare my appreciation and gratitude for your laudable efforts and commendable commitment you demonstrated during my first term in office. You executed your duties responsibly and with devotion to ensure that we succeed together on our development aspirations,” he said.

‘’we have managed to create a legacy that will visibly go down in the history of The Gambia. I believe that no matter how long one serves in public office, it is more important than anything else to sincerely make the best use of the opportunity put at our disposal to serve the nation. Longevity does not matter as much as the quality and significance of the service we provide to our people and nation while in office,” he added.

President Barrow said while this is just a transitional cabinet; all Ministers sworn in are expected to perform their functions with the oaths they took and within the law, rules and regulations that govern public office.