Wednesday, December 6

President Barrow Says Government Will Buy Groundnuts At GMD 38,000 Per Ton 

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His Excellency President Adama Barrow Leaving For The Meet The People’s Tour

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By Fatou Sillah 

President Adama Barrow of the Gambia announced at a joint meeting with residents of Lower Niumi, Upper Niumi, and Jokadou Constituencies that his government will purchase groundnuts at GMD 38,000 per ton starting from December 4, 2023.

“Last year, I informed you that the groundnut price was favorable, and we acquired a ton for GMD 32,000; but this year, I’ve increased the price to GMD 38,000 per ton, effective December 4, 2023,” he stated. “So, if anyone has groundnuts, don’t rush to sell them; just gather them, and President Barrow will purchase them all. However, we also want you to sell your groundnuts to the government.”

The president further urged farmers to sell their groundnuts to the government and avoid exporting them. “We have people coming from other countries to buy groundnuts here, but that is not going to be the case this year. Anyone who wants to purchase groundnuts must have a government license to do so from the farmers. And if you buy the groundnuts and want to take them out of the Gambia, you must go through customs and follow all necessary procedures. Anyone who fails to do so is breaking the law and will be punished.

“We will instruct the police to arrest anyone who tries to transport groundnuts out of the country. They will be brought to court, and the groundnuts will be confiscated. I want that to be clear.”

The president also stated that his government is subsidizing fertilizers for farmers. “Last year, fertilizers arrived but were expensive. Farmers were upset, and people said a lot of things. Many claimed that President Barrow didn’t want to help farmers. My parents were farmers; how could God give me this position and I refuse to assist farmers? That isn’t true. That’s why fertilizers arrived this year, in abundance and of excellent quality,” he said.

The president made these remarks during the first meeting of his constitutionally mandated Meet the people tour in Pakau Njogu.

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