Wednesday, November 30

President Barrow Slam US Gambians Protesters called them UDP Supporters

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President Barrow Slam US Gambians Protesters called them UDP Supporters

President Adama Barrow has slammed organizers of the September 22 Manhattan Hotel protest that led to his departure through the backdoor to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) where he addressed the 77th Session, he said they are supporters of the United Democracy Party.

He told the waiting journalists at the Banjul International Airport upon his arrival from UNGA held in New York that the organizers of the protest are members of the UDP and “it was the same people that organized the Three Years Jotna and they are same people planning a protest against me in November.”

The protesters, who blocked President Barrow from using the frontage of the hotel, were carrying banners and placards variously reading “End to corruption”, “Gambia Women Lives Matters”, “557 days cocaine case is hanging”, “D669 Million corruption scandal must be investigated”, and “cost of living is unaffordable”, among others.

Lamin Sillah, the prominent Gambian and one-time close friend of President Adama Barrow, stated that the protest was necessitated by the unbearable sufferings of Gambians back home who were finding it extremely hard to make their living.

He noted that the country was faced with a growing rise in corruption, mismanagement of public funds, high cost of living, and an increase in the frequency of killings of innocent Gambians.

According to him, many Gambians were very much disappointed with how the Barrow administration was running the affairs of the country, noting that the regime seemed to have no interest in addressing the suffering of the Gambian people.

“I will call on all of them to come over for us to work together, my doors are open and the issues of protecting will not solve the problems. If you are in this office you need to face the reality and the reality is unity and that is the best way forward if we are united, we will be strong, we are willing to work with even the opposition, our doors are open,” President Barrow emphasized.

The Gambian leader also told reporters that he held a fruitful meeting with Gambians in New York where he called on Gambians to look back home by investing to support government efforts.