Thursday, September 21

President Barrow tasks Gambians with a routine environmental cleansing

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By Adama Makasuba

President Adama Barrow has urged Gambians and non-Gambians in the country to routinely clean their environments in order to keep the country in good health as he led hundreds of Gambians including cabinet ministers and security forces to clean Banjul.

The gesture came with the hope of at least 50 youth to be gainfully employed in the future for environmental cleansing in the Capital City.

“When I went around, I was happy, but one thing I was not happy about was the cleanliness of the city. I feel as head of state it’s my responsibility to call the people to volunteer and clean the city. I used to live here in the 80s for 17 years and Banjul didn’t use to be like this and to complete this, we have to clean Banjul,” he told reporters.

His call to clean Banjul came after touring the city two weeks back, adding that he was happy with the work of the Banjul project, but was unhappy with the filthiness around the city, while he tasked the Ministers for Environment and Lands and Local Government to come up with innovation by employing at least fifty people who will help to constantly clean Banjul.

“We don’t just want it to stop on this day. We want people to come out and clean around their compound areas and if the next person also cleans his compound area it will be very clean. And also, it will be innovative, I will call on the minister of environment and the local government minister and the stakeholders, we should be innovative enough to employ at least fifty people who will be assigned to clean Banjul,” he said.