Wednesday, March 22

President Barrow urges Teachers, Public Servants to pursue concerns through dialogue

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By Mama A. Touray

President Adama Barrow has admonished teachers and public servants to always pursue the path of dialogue in handling their concerns.

In his 58th Independence anniversary address, on Saturday, held at McCarthy Square His Excellency Adama Barrow talking to teachers and students said “I call on our teachers and all those in public service to always pursue the path of dialogue in handling their concerns, my government has an open-door policy and will engage with its workers to reach amicable and realistic compromises on matters affecting their welfare.”

He made it clear that his government continues to refer to education as a priority and will never cease exploring ways of ensuring that, in the long term, so see that Gambia has a literate and sufficiently skilled population.

“Education is the key to development and the more adequately trained and skilled citizens we have, the greater our chances are to lift the country out of ignorance, poverty, and ill health. As school children, boys, and girls, you always play a significant role during our independence anniversary celebrations, I urge you to take your participation beyond the morning parades, reflect on the significance of the Day among yourselves, and strive to become a new breed of democratic citizens” he advised them.

President Barrow went on “like every responsible parent and citizen, I advise you to work hard at school, love your country and endeavour passionately to contribute to its development, be law-abiding, grasp the technologies and opportunities before you, and never despair of success as this is an era of knowledge, technology, and seeking evidence-based solutions to challenges and beware of this and be mindful of the consequences of your actions.”

And students, he added that wherever they may be, let them be proud of their birth land and its people, and should always feel proud to say, “I am an African and a true Gambian.” Because all that glitters is not gold, do not be deceived by the distractions you may come across. 

Meanwhile, “We cannot mention the school children without reference to the teaching fraternity as a major partner in development. Teaching is a noble profession, and teachers influence character formation and shape society. Learners excel in educational institutions because of the processes teachers manage therein. Accordingly, my government is as interested in the performance of our students as it is in the welfare of the teachers”