Saturday, November 26

President of The Gambia College Students Union Appeals for help from Government

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By: Nyima Sillah

Fatou.M. Yaffa, President of The Gambia College Students Union has launched an appeal for help from government and other partners to address the challenges faced by students at the College which she said need urgent action in order to avoid challenges faced by many students.

The Gambia College consists of different departments ranging from the School of Education, Public Health, Nursing and Agriculture among others.

Speaking to this medium, the president of the Student Union highlighted the issue of transportation as among the key factors the students are facing and she, therefore, appealed to the government to address the situation that will go a long way to reduce their burden.

“In the college, most of the students are from the province’s areas. Though we have some that are coming from the greater Banjul area, the majority of them are coming from the provinces. Some of us are from low-income families so having financial assistance will help us a long way. So, we call on the government, individuals, philanthropists, and NGOs to come to our aid and assist us with transportation,” she appealed.

The college dormitory according to the president also needs refurbishment, which she said has been there for a while without maintenance.

“The College Dormitory has been here for a long period of time without any major changes. We have some students who don’t have relatives in the kombo’s and majority of them leav here,” she explained noting that there is also a need to create more space for students within the campus for conducive learning.

She however, commended the Ministry of Higher Education for the support it has been rendering for the past years to ensure there is a conducive environment for students to learn.