Sunday, December 4

President Says They Have The Strongest Party

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Adama Barrow
President of The Gambia

By Buba Gagigo

President Barrow, the Secretary General and leader of the National People’s Party [NPP] said that the NPP together with other parties which joined them are the strongest political group in the country.

The president made this comment while addressing a group of former national assembly members and governors who called on him last Saturday to pay allegiance to him.

“When we were going to Niamina for the by-elections, I called them for a meeting. What I told them was that the by-election is coming. Let’s go and show everyone that we are the ruling party. And I told them that they should believe that we are the strongest party because we have five to six parties with us. I told them I can be proven wrong, but I believe we are the strongest” the president said.

He added that people often called him a sleeping president but wondered how a sleeping president could achieve development projects in Banjul, Basse, Sandu, Niani and NBR.

“If a sleeping president can initiate all these projects, then if he wakes up from sleep his oppositions would cease to exist. They are just being hypocritical,” he said.