Wednesday, November 30

Presidential National Unity calls Hailed

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His Excellency President Adama Barrow’s call for national unity has been hailed by Gambians from all works of life as an exemplary and commendable move to put the country on the right trajectory for development and peaceful coexistence.

Since last week when the President made the call for Gambians to refocus and redirect their energies on issues aimed at strengthening national unity for accelerated peace and development, political activists, district chiefs, religious leaders, and prominent elder statesmen have been having an open and private dialogue with the Gambian leader to lend their support to his initiative.

In response to the President’s call for national dialogue, District Chiefs from across The Gambia thronged the Statehouse on Thursday 3rd November where they held an open meeting with the President. The District Chiefs commended the President for his commitment to democracy, tolerance, and deep respect for the rule of law and the rights of the citizenry.

While pledging their support to rally behind the Presidential initiative to deepen democratic governance and national unity, the District Chiefs called on all Gambians to embrace peace and contribute meaningfully to national development efforts. Speaker after speaker admonished Gambians to be weary of groups that are agitating for violence and other tendencies with the potential to incite trouble in the country.

Prominent Islamic preacher Imam Bakawsu Fofana was also at the Presidency where he led Friday sermons during which he hammered home the message of national unity, dialogue, and respect for constituted authority.

Imam Fofana in a long sermon proffered advice to both the government and the governed on ways to strengthen national unity and fold self-sufficiency. He particularly called on citizens to minimize idle talks and go back to the land to enhance household food security in the country.

Last week the President also received the leadership and general membership of the Manding Warriors at Statehouse who hailed his exemplary leadership and inclusive participatory development initiatives. The Manding Warriors just like other groups that paid a courtesy call on the President, thanked The Gambian leader for tolerance and openness to resolving challenges that the country is facing.

Other respectable Gambians such as prominent businessman Salifu Jaiteh also called on the President to lend support to his call for national unity.

President Barrow while thanking the different groups that have been engaging him and proffering support to his call for dialogue and national unity, said he remains deeply committed to serving the people of The Gambia with the urge and humility where everyone’s potential is realized and respected.

The President promised to continue to be an inclusive, tolerant leader for every Gambian. He however urged everyone to be law abiding and refrain from anything that will tarnish the good image of the country and its development efforts.