Friday, March 24

President’s Speech Fails to address burning matters in the country

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By Binta Jaiteh

Honourable Gibi Mballow member of Lower Fulladu West has said the President’s speech delivered during the State of Nation Address (SONA) has failed to capture the burning issue surrounding the country like accidents, crime rate, and robbery saying they are concerned as parliamentarians.

During the debate on the SONA, the members said they don’t want to see people dying in such a manner people are experiencing recently as there is a policy there to back the victims.

He said, “when I checked the speech I knew that the President is not well informed by the line Ministries. The notion of speech repetition should stop because we need to move and therefore let us face the realities.”

He stressed that on that fateful day the convoy of the VP disrespected the parliamentarians and that it was very wrong to obstruct the traffic of the parliamentary sittings. He said they need an apology from the convoy of the VP. “Parliamentarians need to be respected. Let us face the reality that the fact that we belong to different political parties does not mean you should wish badly for the country,” he expressed.

Honourable Lamin Ceesay, member of Kiang West also said there are facts that the major achievement of the Ministry of Health is the introduction of the health insurance scheme which is in progress. “If you walk out of this parliament on the day of the nation’s address you will find out there is no water in the health sectors, premature children died and pregnant women in delivery lack water to sanitize themselves,” he added.

He said the Ministry of Health had an allocated budget of over One billion dalasi approved to them in 2021.