Thursday, September 21

Press Release: Re: Clarification On The VP Residency Situation at Fajara

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Ebrima G. SankarehThe Gambia Government Spokesperson & Presidential Diaspora Adviser

Banjul, The Gambia – It has come to the attention of The Gambia Government that some erroneous reports and podcasts purporting the alleged refusal of former Vice President Isatou Touray to gracefully vacate her Fajara residence are dominating Social Media for all the wrong reasons.

On the contrary, The Gambia Government wishes to make it absolutely clear that former Vice President Touray has neither taken any items from the residence nor refused to hand over any vehicles, furniture or valuables as is being falsely peddled.

In fact, soon after she handed over to her successor, Vice President Touray was gracious enough to invite Mr Badara Joof’s wife to a conducted familiarization tour of the VP’s residence on a Sunday. During the friendly and frank familiarization tour, VP Touray patiently took Mrs Joof around the property with detailed descriptions.

Therefore, any suggestion or insinuation that VP Touray reneged in her handing over responsibilities or has seized some state vehicles is not only preposterous but utterly malicious to potentially bring her into disrepute. Equally false is the suggestion that the residence is messy, decrepit and in a virtual rundown state.