Saturday, February 27

Princess Shyngle celebrates Valentine alone! Where is Mr Romeo? (Gee)

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On January 30th 2021, 30-year-old curvy model and actress, our own Princess Shyngle posted on her Instagram handle pictures and videos of her and famous Gambian rapper and producer Gibril Bala Gaye aka Gee, tying the knot.

The couple was in marital bliss until weeks later when screenshot message conversations between Gee and Mina “an ex-girlfriend” started circulating on the social media showing him reportedly admitting to having been unfaithful to her.

Somehow Princess’s name got into the mix and the new lovebirds deleted photos of their marriage on their Instagram handles with Gee leaving zero posts!

Princess on the other hand is keeping her Instagram lit with her slaying all alone. On February 14th Valentine’s Day, the model posted on her Instagram a pic of herself wearing a pink bikini with a caption “Happy valentines to y’all”.

What’s happening? Tongues are wagging. Obviously they are on some break of a sort, we pray it’s only a media break.