Sunday, February 5

PRO DLEAG says most of the cocaine seized are on transit

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By: Nyima Sillah

Ousman Saidybah, Public Relations Officer and head of the Drug Demand Unit at the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency of the Gambia said most of the drugs seized are in transit.

In an interview with The Voice, PRO Saidyba said: “Most of the cocaines seized are on transits and they are not meant for the market because they are expensive.”

“These drugs are expensive because a gram of pure hydrochloride cocaine costs D1500, just a gram, and the doze doesn’t last for more than 2hrs depending on the lifestyle you engage in. So how many Gambians can afford that?” he asked.

Mr. Saidyba posited that there is no excuse because countries where drugs pass through, most of them remain to be used either on payment of service or otherwise.

PRO Saidyba added that Cannabis sativa accounts for bulk seizures and mostly when cannabis is mentioned, people think that is only cannabis Sativa.  Noting that, there are different types of cannabis like Cannabis hash, cannabis ruderalis, and many more.

“If you look at the seizure statistic for cannabis per, say in 2021, we seized 2 tons, 749kg, 69g, 203mg whilst in 2020 it was 2 tons, 582kg 284g, 765g, and similarly on Moroccan hashes in 2020 we seized about 240kg. That quantity in 2020 was high compared to 2021.”

DLEAG PRO disclosed that they also have other seizures of the methamphetamine, dihydrocodeine, Bromazpam among other varieties.