Wednesday, June 7

Project Aid  The Gambia Hands Over Childern treated in Germany to Families

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Project Aid the Gambia in partnership with Peace Village Germany on Friday witnessed another milestone in their contribution to the Health sector of The Gambia. 

 Four children escorted by Peace Village were received at the Banjul international airport Friday evening by officials of Project Aid The Gambia and the families of the children with much delight following their treatment in Germany. In a brief ceremony held at the airport,  the Peace Village team gave each parent a brief history of diagnosis, treatment and current medical status of each child. It was revealed that three of te children successfully went through life changing surgeries while one had no surgery except for some major procedures performed on him. They further noted that the children successfully went through elaborate treatment procedures without any complications and have been vaccinated in Germany. They assured the parents to contact them through the Projject Aid office if any problems or difficulties arise regarding the health status of the children. 

The children were handed back to the families with all relevant documents ranging from medical reports, passports and vaccination cards! Parents and family members expressed joy and gratitude to Project Aid and the Peace Village team for rendering such humanitarian aid to these underprivileged children and having their health restored.

On Saturday morning a session was held at Project Aid Head Office in Manjai Kunda between the Peace Village team, the approved applicants for the next trip as well as a review and processing of new applicants.