Thursday, September 21

Prosecutor withdraws Criminal Suit against Gambian-British Semester, case strikes out –

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By Nicholas Bass

The prosecutor in charge of theft charges pressed against the Gambian-British semester, Lamin David Conteh at the KanifingMagistrates’ Court overseen by Magistrate Mben Faal, on Monday, 31st July 2023 withdrew the criminal suit.

The Prosecutor, Sub-Inspector Cherno B. Jallow, informed the court that the Gambian British semester Lamin David Contehafter the first publication of the court hearing in The Voice Newspaper on the alleged stolen vehicle (Nissan) of AbdoulieJatta, left the UK to the Gambia to refute the allegation pressed against him by the complainant.

However, upon his arrival in the country on the 19th of July 2023 the Police investigator confronted him (Lamin David Conteh) with the facts that were filed before the court accusing him of stealing the motor vehicle of Abdoulie Jatta worth D500,000.

Prosecutor Jallow affirmed to the court that the charge of theft (stolen vehicle) that was filed before the court against LaminDavid Conteh was false, noting that the Police investigators uncovered evidence that was supported by human witnesses and it affirmed that the accused Lamin David Conteh paid for the total sum of the Nissan vehicle of Abdoulie Jatta to his alleged wife, Mama Jallow.

“Based on this account, I hereby applied for the case of LaminDavid Conteh to be withdrawn because it lacks evidence,” prosecutor Jallow applied to the court.

Magistrate Faal at this juncture granted the plea of prosecutor Jallow and struck out the case.