Sunday, May 28

Protesters Give NAWEC One Month To Reduce Water & Electricity Rates

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Protesters At West Field Last Saturday

By Buba Gagigo

A group of protesters calling themselves “Dafadoy NAWEC, Bring Back Cheaper Tariffs” have given the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) one month to reduce the new tariffs on water and electricity that were recently increased.

The protesters, who gathered outside NAWEC’s headquarters in Kanifing on Saturday, said that the new tariffs are too high and will put a strain on the already struggling Gambian economy. They also argued that the tariffs were not properly justified and that NAWEC has not been transparent in its operations.

Here are the demands they are making of NAWEC,

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“We call on to NAWEC and the Government to return to the drawing board to;

1. Ensure stable supply of water and electricity to all customers connected to the NAWEC grid,

2. Engage the wider public on the increases as dictated by section 34(2)b of the PURA Act 2001,

3. Reverse the Tariffs for Electricity (-37%) and Water (-20%) to a more reasonable price like it 

was before,

4. Respond to our demands within a period of one month, within which regular engagement 

could be held,” the group said in a petition they handed over to NAWEC.

According to the group, If NAWEC heeds to their demands, The Gambia will return to being the sixth most expensive country to purchase electricity in West Africa, which in they said, in their view, is still very high. 

“If NAWEC fails to heed to our demands, the general public has been placed on notice to launch another protest against NAWEC and its extortionately high tariffs,” they said.

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