Saturday, June 3

PS Sanyang speaks on forceful reinstatement of CEO Martin into office, described it best decision –

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By Mama A. Touray

The permanent secretary at the Ministry of Local Government, Land and Religious Affairs in his testimony on Tuesday said the forceful installation of the Chief Executive Officer of the Kanifing Municipal Council was the best decision as per the situation at the time. 

He made the statement during his testimony at the ongoing Local Government Commission of Inquiry held at Senegambia.

PS Buba Sanyang said the forceful installation of the CEO of the Kanifing Municipal Council was the best decision considering the situation at the time.

While explaining to the commission that the forceful reinstatement of the CEO came after the Ministry of Local Government, Land and Religious Affairs and the Service Commission under the Ministry wrote to the KMC to allow the CEO to assume office after the ruling made by the court that the council has no power to stop CEO Martin from assuming office.

He said after the decision of the court the Ministry used the administration means for the council to allow Sainabou back following the ruling of the High Court but the council wrote back to say they will not allow her. He added that it was then they forwarded the matter to the Service Commission and made the decision that Sainabou should go back to the office, and this was communicated to the council and she went to the council four times and was rejected.

“The deputy CEO was also instructed to handover the responsibilities to the CEO there was a memo from the Mayor’s Office telling the deputy CEO that if you act in accordance with the Service Commission it is a contempt of the council resolution and if any of that contempt is disobey will tantamount to some action and the deputy CEO went by the council memo.”

PS Sanyang further testified to the commission that: “Sainabou was forcefully installed in office as the council was not ready to work with her. When Sainabou was asked to go to her office she went several times and was blocked. We realized that sanity must prevail people have their rights and this is somebody allegedly not proven guilty. So, just taking advantage of her and not allowing her to execute her duty after the court ruling that they cannot stop her from accessing the office we felt that she has to resume her office.”

After that, he said she was escorted to the office with the view to get her access to the office on requesting for the to her office, it was confirmed that the office furniture was removed and a carpenter was secured to open the door and replace the key to allow her access the office.