Wednesday, March 22

Public reactions over online business

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By: Sainabou Sanneh & Musa .O. Bah

Scores of businessmen and women in the business community have expressed different views about the flourishing of online businesses as many said it generates more customers, while others preferred selling from their shops 

Reaching out to some of the online sellers, Mariama Mbaye said she ventured into online business because of the modern era and most people have access to social media. 

“It is sometimes hard for other people to visit shops especially when it is far from the people. All they do is call and ask for your social media handle,” she disclosed.

Ms. Mbaye explained that online business is fast because customers make their orders through social media handlers and the dealer place their orders based on their choices. 

“I easily get in contact with my customers. Through online I’m able to manage the money I earn at the end of the day, buying other different kinds of stuff to keep my customers on track. I just hope business grows so I will also be able to employ young people to deliver products for my customers.”

Makutu Manneh, another online business lady said online business is a smooth business and she makes a lot of customers from her contact. Adding that, the money helped her in taking care of her needs before her monthly salary. 

On the other hand Famara Fofana, a businessman who has a shop where he sells his goods said he is not involved in online business because he always wants to get things he needs by himself and give the best to his customers online. 

“My shop is accessible to everyone and at the end of the day I budget the money that I worked for and account for them by myself so that I can add other kinds of stuff to keep and bring in more customers,” he lamented. 

Sulayman Drammeh, “I have a shop, and business is going smoothly because I can reach out to my customers even without online. Not all of what you see online is real at times the phone also beautifies some of those materials. Sometimes customers don’t pay the loan as expected which is not good for business,” he disclosed.