Wednesday, September 27

Purported ‘Radisson Blu Email’ bogus And Fake

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Nfally Fadera Head of Brand and CommunicationThe Gambia OIC Secretariat

The attention of The Gambia OIC Secretariat has been drawn to a fake “email message” making the rounds on social media purportedly coming from a staff of Radisson Blu about the Radisson Blu Banjul project. 

The public is hereby urged to disregard it entirely as bogus and grossly misleading. 

The supposed email message is poorly written, bears no sender email address, and did not originate from Radisson Blu.

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 It is amateur fakery designed by a desperate bunch hellbent on deceiving and misinforming an unsuspecting public. 

The process leading to the partnership between the government of The Gambia and Immoland Sarl to construct a five-star accommodation facility was open and transparent. 

It was guided under adequate due diligence and expertise from all relevant government agencies including the Office of the President, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Lands, Ministry of Works, and Ministry of Tourism, among other critical stakeholders.   

The coming of a five-star hotel to The Gambia is a much-needed win that all genuine and well-meaning citizens of our beloved country should be proud of as it will contribute to diversifying our tourism portfolio, attracting forex spending, and creating a number of high-paying jobs.

Consequently, the Secretariat wishes to assure the public that the grand foundation stone laying scheduled to take place on Saturday 23rd July 2022 will go ahead as planned. Everyone is invited!

Source: OIC Gambia Secretariat, Bijilo, 20 July 2022 

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