Sunday, May 28

PW1 Testifies in Musa Njie’s murder trial

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By: Mama A. Touray

Prosecution witness Mimi Faal Secka, a resident of Kotu on Tuesday at the Kanifing High Court before Justice Isatou Janneh testified in her late adopt son’s murder trial involving Ali Sowe and Simon Sambou.

Giving her testimony she told the court that she last talked with the deceased (Musa Njie) on the 10th December 2022, around Magrib time, and that the deceased Musa Njie came to her room and greeted her while she, Mimi Faal, requested to see the girlfriend (Vero) because she did not see her since she relocated and the deceased told her to wait till the following day because it was late.

the PW1 in her testimony that the following day at midday she decided to visit Vero so that when Musa returns she will tell Musa that she visited her. 

According to her, she called Vero for directions to her house she newly relocate and upon her arrival at Vero’s place she asked her saying ‘where is my Boy’ while Vero replied if he didn’t tell her what happened.

“I replied no and that I did not see Musa since I woke up, she explained to me that she was having a family meeting when Musa came and hit her with his head on her forehead which got swollen. I later replied to her why would Musa hit you that is new of him,” she stated.

Faal Secka added as she sat down to chat with Vero, one tall man came in and Vero told the man in Jola that the person you were fighting with yesterday this is his mother.

I understand Jola, the witness said I heard all that they said I then replied to him in Wollof why did you beat him, the tall man replied Musa is our friend but it is under the influence of Shaitan.

“As I was about to go, I told Vero to show me the landlord so that anytime Musa comes here and disturbs you can call me or send him out of the compound hence you said he disturbs whenever he comes here but Vero told me that he is not around and that the landlord was even part of the people who beat Musa.”

Faal added that she went home but with the belief that Musa went to work, then during lunch time, she asked her nephew to check in Musa’s room and call him for lunch, when the nephew came he told her that he knocked but Musa did not open, and she then told them to eat when Musa woke up he can eat.

“Around 5 to 6 pm, when my maid was going home she told me why not you check on Musa’s door since morning it has not been open, I told her that Musa went to work and she said, she has been at home since morning but did not see Musa’s door open, then I asked them to go and knock as they continue to knock the door I went to the window to peep in and then I saw Musa lying on the bed with blood all over the bed, that was when I shouted and called them to come and see because it seems like Musa has been stabbed as there is blood all over his bed,” she explained.

Furthermore, Faal continued her testimony saying from there, she called her younger brother Dawda Faal, who came and broke the door and went to the former president mother’s residence and call the paramilitary officers who came and confirmed that Musa is dead.

However, The statement of their offense stated that Ali Sowe and Simon Sambou allegedly charged with assault causing actual bodily harm and manslaughter.

According to their particulars of offense Ali Sowe and Simon Sambou on or about the 11th day of December 2022 at Kololi in the Kanifing Municipality allegedly jointly assault Musa Njie by beating him which caused injuries to him.

The particulars also stated that Ali Sowe and Simon Sambou allegedly caused the death of Musa Njie by beating him which led to his death.

Justice Janneh later adjourned the matter to 29th May 2023 at 2 pm and 30th May 2023 at 1 pm for continuation.