Wednesday, June 7

PW2 continues his testimony in Fernando Jatta and Famile Gomez murder case

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By Mama A. Touray

In an alleged murder case involving Fernando Jatta and Family Gomez, the PW2 Kajally Sambou, on Tuesday, 28th March continued giving his testimony before the Kanifing High Court presided over by Justice Isatou Janneh.

Fernando Jatta and Famile Gomez are charged with two counts of offense, conspiracy to commit a felony, and robbery.

During the cross-examination, the witness told the court that during their investigation they recovered a bag, knife, and a shirt marked as an exhibit, and a photo of the exhibits was taken as well.

The PW2 also informed the court that the exhibits were not recovered in his presence and that he met the complainant and the two accused, and that was when the complainant explained that the bag is his own and this was witnessed by Amadou Jallow who witnessed the scene and his statements were taken and attached to the file.

The witness also told the court that he prepared the report and he is having the softcopy on his computer at the office and that he did not conduct any further investigation on the Knife and bag to ascertain the link between the two accused and the bag.

However, He stated further that the knife was found on Fernando Jatta, adding that he did not know anything about the case apart from what he was told.

It could be recalled that Police officer Kajally Sambou, who served as PW2 testified that it was March 2022 in Manjai Kunda when Hajie Sillah who is now late reported a robbery case while bleeding, that boys attacked him with a knife, as a result, they took his money worth fifteen thousand (D15, 000) and that during the struggle he was able to catch one of them at the scene who happened to be Fernando Jatta.

According to the particulars of their offense, Fernando Jatta and Famile Gomez on or about the 1st day of March 2022 at Tippa garage in the Kanifing Municipality, allegedly with common purpose agreed to commit a felony to wit robbing Hajie Sillah with a knife and jointly robbed one Hajie Sillah of a bag containing D15,000 (fifteen Thousand Dalasi) and in the process of retaining the said stolen fifteen thousand dalasis, they allegedly stabbed the said Hajie Sillah with a knife on his head.

Meanwhile, when the matter was brought to court on the following day (Tuesday) for continuation, prosecution witness three who was supposed to testify failed to appear before the court. 

State Counsel A. Gibba told the court that they called prosecution witness three (PW3) and he did not pick up the calls eventually they tried calling him and his phone was switched off.

Counsel A. Gibba however, begged the indulgence of the court, defense lawyer, and the two accused and sought a short adjournment to have PW3 testify and the defense counsel did not object to that application.

Justice Isatou Janneh later adjourned the case to the 4th and 9th of May, at 11 am and 12 noon respectively.