Tuesday, January 31

PW2 says a basket of cannabis was found covered with a jacket at the scene

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By Nicholas Bass

In the ongoing drugs case involving Sulayman Darboe, the PW2 NCA1 Yunusa Badjie narcotic officer attached to the Sibanorr Police Station told the Brikama Magistrates’ Court presided over by Magistrate Agi Bintou Faal that he was part of the patrol team led by NCA2 Ismaila Colley at the boundary.

He said during the patrol they found the accused Sulayman Darboe at  Kabokorr village junction and they made a thorough search on him after identifying themselves as narcotic officers.

During the search, he said a basket of suspected cannabis covered with a jacket was found at the scene and the said cannabis and the six bundles of suspected cannabis were wrapped with cement papers. He said when the accused was questioned about where he obtained the said suspected drugs he alleged that he took it from Bongahi in Cassamance.

He added that the accused, Sulayman Darboe, confirmed that he is the owner of the pink basket that contained the cannabis covered with a jacket.

The said pink basket and the content were accepted by the Magistrate as an exhibit marked as exhibit P3 upon the plea of the prosecuting officer, Nicholas Jammeh.

After that, the case was adjourned by the Magistrate to the 13th December 2022 for the hearing of PW3.