Monday, June 5

PW2 testifies further in rape case

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By Mama A. Touray

Defense lawyer M. Ceesay on Wednesday cross-examined PW2 Cham in an alleged rape trial before Justice Isatou Janneh of the Kanifing High Court. 

M. Ceesay in her cross-examination was told by the witness Madam Cham that she was told by her in-law that a man was jumping a little girl over the window.

In her cross-examination of the PW2, Madam Cham said she was told by her in-law that a man was jumping a little girl over the window.

Madam Cham also told the court that she did not open the door where the accused and the victim were but she found that both the door and window were locked, that was when she knocked on it and the accused opened it while she saw him standing with the little girl.

She confirmed that she did not see the accused in any sexual activity with the victim but when she asked the accused why the window and door were locked and what is the girl doing there, the accused replied that the girl came to visit.

Madam Cham said that was when she told the accused that the child came to visit and he (the accused) locked both the window and the door and the accused was quiet. She said at that juncture she took the child to her room to ask her questions, and the child told her that the man always harass her sexually. She added that probably that day she rushed to the scene the accused was not successful.

State counsel Alieu A. Marong applied for the witness to be discharged and the court adjourned the matter to Thursday 23rd March for the victim to testify.

Meanwhile, On Thursday the matter could not proceed as the court was told by state counsel Alieu A. Marong that they were called by the victim’s mother yesterday that the victim has an exam and that she would not be able to make it to the court.

 State counsel Alieu A. Marong said efforts to have the police officer proved abortive saying unfortunately the officer could not make it because he has to cross from Barra. 

According to the statement of the offense, the accused (name withheld) is allegedly charged with rape and the particulars of the offense stated that the accused on or about the 10th day of July 2021, in the West Coast Region of the Gambia, intentionally and under coercive circumstances had carnal knowledge of an 8-year-old girl.

Justice Isatou Janneh later said under circumstances the matter is adjourned to 29th March 2023 at midday for the victim to testify.