Saturday, May 27

PW4 testifies in Hamidou Bah Murder trial

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By Mama A Touray

Prosecution witness four in Hamidou Bah murder trial ongoing at the Kanifing High Court presided over by Justice Isatou Janneh on Tuesday testified.

In his testimony, Ebrima Cham, a police officer at Kanifing Police Station said it was on Saturday morning between 7:00 am and 7:04 am when Bakary Kuyateh come to the police station with the Modou Ndow and Hamidou Bah (now deceased), and that at the time of coming to the station, the deceased (Hamidou Bah) was bleeding on his right rib.

Officer Cham said they took Hamidou to the hospital and at the time they onboard a car to take him to the hospital he was not breathing, when they reach the hospital they handed him over to the doctor who carried out an examination on him and confirmed that Hamidou Bah has died.

The PW4 said when they left the hospital for the Kololi Police Station there was a special task force that he (himself) was part of when Tobaski was approaching, he said when they got to the Kololi station he explained what happened to the station officer, who then told him to write down anything he knows about the case as he will be called anytime he is needed.

“The accused (alleged murderer) threw the scissor at one compound, we were tasked to go and trace the compound and the scissor, when we got to the said compound we search and could not find the scissor, on the whole, the accused threw the scissor on the old man’s room. When we got to the room the moment we picked the mattress we saw a scissor under it with a blood stain, that was when the Commissioner asked us to return to the station and use the scissor as evidence and it was through this I was able to recognize the accused,” he explained.

The witness statement was presented to the witness and he confirmed it as the statement written by him. However, the statement was not objected to by the defense lawyer then the court admits it as evidence exhibit.

The defense Lawyer Sheriff Kumba Jobe in his cross-examination was told by the witness that he was not present at the time when he incident happened and that he never see the accused stab the deceased.

He continued in the cross-examination that he has not seen the accused with a scissor and that the scissor was not found with the accused person and that anything he know about the case he heard it.

State Lawyer F. Mballow apply for the discharge of the witness and the court later discharged the witness and adjourned the matter to today 22nd March 2023 at 1 pm for prosecution witness five to testify.

Meanwhile, according to the statement of his offense Modou Ndow is charged with Murder. The particulars of offense stated that Modou Ndow on or about 2nd day of July, 2022 at Kololi allegedly caused the death of Hamidou Bah by stabbing him with a pair of scissors.