Wednesday, June 7

PW5 says Communication Printed Copy Contains Telephone Number of Alleged Coup Plotters’ Ringleader

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By Nicholas Bass

The State’s fifth witness, Sanusey Darboe, has outlined how the communication printed copy of the alleged ringleader of the coup plotters was traced and printed in an ongoing treason case before Justice Basiru VP Mahoney of Banjul High Court.

 PW5 Superintendent Sanusey Darboe continued in his testimony that the two Africell registered SIM Card numbers of the 1st accused, Sanna Fadera were traced and established during the investigation where all the alleged coup plotters’ telephone contact numbers were traced by the investigating panel.

 ”I did not remember the telephone numbers of the 2,3,4 and 5 accused Gibril Darboe, Ebrima Sannoh, Omar Njie, and Fabakary Jawara but I can identify them through my record,”, he stated.

 State Lead Counsel AM Yusuf applied for the certificate of the number of Lance Corporal Sannna Fadera and the printed copy of the communications of the alleged coup plotters to be admitted and marked as exhibits.

Justice Basiru VP Mahoney admitted and marked the certificate of contact of Sanna Fadera as exhibit P9 while the copy of the communication of the alleged coup plotters was admitted and marked as exhibit P10.

PW5 went on to identify the telephone numbers of Gibril Darboe, Ebrima Sannoh, Omar Njie, and Fabakary Jawara through his record which was tendered to the court and marked as RFM 1,2,3 and 4.

Meanwhile, Justice Basiru VP Mahoney rejected the admissibility of the cautionary and voluntary statement of the 5th accused, Fabakary Jawara which was vehemently challenged by defense counsel Lamin S. Camara and this gave way to the state to call in Jally C. Senghore as the sixth witness.

”There is no need for a mini-trial to determine the involuntariness of the statement or whether the confessional statement satisfies the conditions of Sections 31 and 33. The evidence before the Court is that it does not because the statement was not recorded in the presence of an independent witness.

The statements are therefore inadmissible and rejected. The voluntary statement was marked Rejected 1 and the cautionary statement marked Rejected 2”, he ruled.