Saturday, April 1

QRF 2 Undergoing 3-week PSO Training

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Major General Yakuba DrammehChief of Defence

The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) Quick Reaction Force 2 (QRF 2) Monday began a 3-week Peace Support Operations (PSO) training.

The exercise that involves the movement of troops and vehicles within the Yundum Barracks and its environs, would last until 30th September 2022, GAF said in a statement on Monday.

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The British Peace Support Team (BPST), through its short-term training team is conducting the 3-week exercise for personnel of the QRF 2.

The statement urged the public, especially residents of Yundum Barracks, Banjulinding, Yarambamba and other satellite villages to go on with their usual business activities during the ‘routine exercise’. 

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