Wednesday, October 4

Radio Manager Seeks Assistance for Urgent Overseas Treatment

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Muhamed Sanyang, Radio Manager at DHK FM Radio is seeking urgent assistance for overseas treatment as he is diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis and connective tissue disease at EFSTH, Banjul.

Muhamed Sanyang fell sick last September 2021 and has been to different hospitals where he was admitted but with the final conclusion that he needs further overseas medical treatment to operate on his enlarged liver.

The experienced journalist is appealing to the general public, individuals, institutions, the President of the Republic, NGOs, and philanthropists to kindly come to his aid, saying he is the breadwinner of his family for the last ten months he is not working.

For more information and helping him, please individual or organization, government parastatals among others can reach his wife on 7708838, 3365111, WhatsApp – 9226661