Tuesday, May 30

Re-elected Mayor Rohey Lowe sends word of advice to opponents to engage in decent politics –

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By Mustapha Jarju

After being declared the winner of the Saturday election as the re-elected Mayor of Banjul City Council, Rohey Malick Lowe has sent a laudable message to opponents to go learn how to make decent politics in the future.

Mayor Lowe who was addressing the members of the United Democratic Party (UDP) at her party leader and secretary general’s residence in Pipeline said her victory is a learning point for the incumbent National People’s Party (NPP) to know how to make decent politics. 

The re-elected Mayor of Banjul said, “Politics is about issues and programs, not about insulting RoheyMalick Lowe’s mum, character assassination, those days are gone. Because, when the kids grow up they will know it is no more traditional politics but politics of decision-making and programs. So, if you are doing character assassination it won’t make sense.”

She continued that, anything one could ever think of in politics she has been through all that, her T-shirts have been trampled on the floor, and when she pastes her posters anywhere in Banjul they remove them, added that she knew pictures are not politics. 

“I am the new ‘Burr’ (Queen of) Banjul he ( President Barrow said he is the ‘Burr’ (King) of Banjul and the Gambia I ask him to take it, but the people of Banjul give me the title by force.”