Sunday, April 2

REFELA-Africa President Arrives In Cotonou To Launch Benin Chapter

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Rohey Malick Lowe, RAFELA-Africa President 

By Buba Gagigo

Mayoress Rohey Malick Lowe, the president of REFELA-Africa is currently in Cotonou, the capital city of Benin to launch the Benin Chapter of REFELA.

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The Mayor of Banjul said she was invited by the Association of Local Governments to launch the REFELA chapter in Cotonou, Benin.

“I am presently in Cotonou, the Capital City of Benin. I was invited by the association of the local government to launch the REFELA Benin Chapter. All REFELA Benin members were in attendance at the Azalai hotel, where the program is taking place. It should be noted that the local elected women of Benin first created a network called REFEC in 2003, but they later thought it’s necessary to join the main REFELA family, and today they are part of us. REFELA now has 35 National Chapters with a membership of 150 million, which we are all proud of,” she wrote on her Facebook page on Wednesday.

The mayor also thanked H.E Patrice Talon, the president of the Republic of Benin, for the gesture he has accorded the women of Benin.

“My sincere appreciation goes to H.E Patrice Talon the president of the Republic of Benin for the gesture he has done for my Benin Sisters, institutionalizing the gesture tells us how prepare you are for the empowerment of women. I can’t thank you enough, Sir. To my brothers the mayor of Cotonou Mr. LUC ATROKPO and the mayor of Banikoara City Mr. Bio Sarako TAMOU I thank you so much for the hospitality. To my dearest sister mayor Sessinou Lucien, congratulations and keep at it. Once again, congratulations to the women of The Gambia for holding the presidency, African women are all proud of you. Let’s support each other for a better Africa,” she said.

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