Sunday, January 29

Regional Authorities call for the protection of forests and farmland against bushfire

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By: Haruna Kuyateh

The Deputy Governor of the North Bank Region has called for concerted efforts by district authorities, livestock owners, and other key players to protect natural forest cover and farmlands from bushfires.

Speaking to The Voice, Dembo Samateh, the deputy governor of the region assured the commitment of his office to protecting natural forest covers from bushfires as well as illegal logging.

He noted that bushfires are a threat to forest and livelihood development and reiterated the need for all village heads, livestock owners, and gardeners to create a fire belt as a means of protection.

The enforcement of forest act and illegal logging, according to him should be enforced by the district tribunal to serve as a deterrent in the preservation of forests and also to create grazing points for livestock, while commending the authorities in the Central Baddibou District under the leadership of Chief Alagie Jagne for the recent anti-bushfire campaign.

Mr. Samateh also appealed to the Ministry of the Interior to provide vehicles to the security forces to effectively carry out their duties in the areas as a means to mitigate crimes in the region.

Regional Forestry Officer, Bakary B. Jarju assured his office’s commitment to intensify awareness of the effect of bushfires on natural forest resources, while appealing to district tribunal authorities to enforce the forest act.

For his part, Chief Alagie Jagne of Central Baddibou thanked alkalolu and the people of Central Baddibou for protecting the forest from bushfires over the years. He noted the district tribunal has zero tolerance and called on the people to be cooperative to avoid conflict with the forest act and law.