Wednesday, February 1

Resident of Bakau Attacks Ahmadiyya Men

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The resident of Bakau attacked Kebba Jawneh, an Ahmadiyya man living in the community for spreading the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat faith to youth people.

, Jawneh, also a youth activist always on social media preaching to people of the Ahmadi faith attacked a group of Muslims and sustained an injury, and was admitted to the Bakau health center.

He said that has many followers in Bakau, especially on social media, adding he only convinces people to join the Ahmadis but that is not going down well with many Muslims in his area.

He disclosed that it all started with a threat, especially death threats from his neighbors.

According to him on the 29th of November 2020, his friend who is also an Ahmadi went to bury him at the town cemetery the Muslim community refused, saying that they will never allow a non-Muslim to be buried at a cemetery, especially Ahmadis.

He further said the refusal to bury the dead led to a heavy clash between the minority Ahmadis and the majority Muslims and many people sustained injuries including himself.
Speaking on the phone, he said he is running for his life and his family has moved out of Bakau.