Friday, June 2

Residents of Bakoteh applaud Mustapha Mbye’s philanthropic work –

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By Yunus S Saliu

Residents of Bakoteh have applauded Mr. Mustapha Mbye, the proprietor of Mbye Kunda Japanteh Enterprise for his philanthropic work in the area.

Mustapha Mbye is a Gambian local based philanthropist whose philanthropic works revolve around the building and maintenance of roads and as well donating food items to the needy in different communities among others his assistance to the people of The Gambia.

His latest road maintenance work in Bakoteh includes the Amsterdam to Sanchaba Junction (Bokoteh Police Station), SOS School, and also roads that connect Kololi and Senegambia to concrete road pavements.

Among residents of the area is Mr. Molamin Baldeh, like others, thanked Mr. Mustapha Mbye for his philanthropic work in Bakoteh and other communities in The Gambia.

“This particular area (Amsterdam to Sanchaba Junction),” he said, “at rainy season, it is always difficult to access due to its bad condition – full of stagnant water. I’m happy seeing it under construction courtesy of Mustapha Mbye.”

He affirmed that he is not only doing the concrete road pavement of Amsterdam to Sanchaba Junction, “but also helping other communities and the SOS Children’s Village via road construction and maintenance, provision of food items, provision of portable drinking water via boreholes and accommodation for residents that need at his residence.”

Mr. Baldeh said Mr. Mbye is doing everything within his reach and from his profits to help the people but quickly dissuaded people from believing those politicians using the roads to campaign within the KMC to gain votes from the electorates.

However, Mr Mustapha Mbye, a philanthropist also a businessman dealing mainly with the import and selling of engine oil, filters for cars, solar panels, building materials, and spare parts gave thanks to Almighty Creator who had blessed him and channeled him through the right path.

He said before choosing the maintenance of roads the plight of women in search of water prompted him to dig boreholes to mitigate the menace of the scarcity of water in the communities.

“In the beginning, I started with two boreholes in this surrounding. It was operated by a solar plant but due to weather uncertainties we alternated for electric current,” he stated.

Mr. Mbye who has been in this philanthropic work for about twenty years disclosed that his commitment “gears towards establishing convenience for every Gambian and so far there is a serious problem of good roads, I took it as a responsibility to also contribute my part to help resolve this problem.”

He highlighted that there are roads (in Sinchu Alagie) that he has constructed before moving to Bakoteh, “this year, in Sinchu Alagie I started a road from Freetown Junction right to the Madarasa (Daara). And now, we are working in Bakoteh from Amsterdam to Sanchaba Junction and among others.”

He added that he is anticipating starting work on the road that connects Sukuta, Kololi, and Senegambia to ease traffic congestion in the area.

“Well, what I am doing has nothing to do with politics as I always tell the people. This is solely funded by the profit I make from my business. I believe it deserves to the Gambian people, And my only interest is Gambia and will continue sharing what I have with Gambians, so I seek for everybody’s prayers to be able to do more,” he told the doubting Thomas.

The Gambian philanthropist has his shops around Jimpex, Brusubi Turntable opposite GTBank, Coastal Road, Sinchu Alagie, Sukuta Traffic Light, Jabang, Bundung Highway, Brikama in KMC, and WCR.